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When is ‘hot’ too hot to work?

Over the weekend, the Met Office issued a red “extreme” heat warning for large parts of England for Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, temperatures hit 38°C in parts of England, and Wales recorded its hottest ever temperature and today is expected to reach temperatures of 42°C in parts of England. […]

Update on Fit Notes

What’s Happened? The way fit notes are issued has recently gone through a series of changes. Fit notes are documents that employees are generally required to provide to their employers if they have been off work due to sickness absence for longer than the self-certification period which is currently 7 […]

Sham Redundancies and the application of the Acas Code

The Acas code gives best practice guidance on how to deal with certain workplace issues, the most common being disciplinaries and grievances.  Many employers will have their own disciplinary and grievance policy, but it is important to remember that a failure to follow it, or, where the code does not […]

Indirect Impact of Strike-Action

As has been widely reported, last week saw the biggest rail strikes in over 30 years.  Whilst major long-distance national routes were generally unaffected, many shorter inter-city and rural routes saw a huge reduction in train frequency.  Discussions to end the strike did not appear constructive with parties walking out […]