Small Claims- Fixed Fees

Small Claims Fixed Costs

The small claims track handles claims from individuals or businesses for compensation up to the value of £10,000 (in England and Wales). It is intended to be a straightforward process with no need for complex legal involvement. As such, you cannot recover any legal costs from the other side if your claim is successful.

However, many claimants do require some legal support to help navigate the court system. We provide a cost-effective fixed fee package so you can make a claim without having to worry about running up a large legal bill.

With a fixed fee for each step of the process you decide how much support you want and when you want it. We also offer discounted fee bundles to make sure our experienced team can support you in the best possible way. These fees are applicable for all small claims including debt recovery disputes.

Our fixed fees including package options are as follows:

First Stage- Pre-action

1. Initial review of all documents and provide general advice£150 plus VAT
2. Drafting Pre-action protocol letter of claim (Claimant or Defendant) for client to send.£100 plus VAT
3. Drafting Pre-action protocol letter (Claimant or Defendant) and negotiating settlement/dealing with response correspondence.£250 plus VAT
Pre-action Bundle package for 1 and 3 £350 plus VAT

Second Stage – Court Proceedings

4. Initial Review of all documents and provide general advice for this stage£150 plus VAT
5. Drafting Claim Form and Particulars of Claim£225 plus VAT
6. Assisting in preparation of Defence£225 plus VAT
7. Assisting in preparation of Defence and Counterclaim£275 plus VAT
8. Assisting in preparation of Directions Questionnaire£100 plus VAT
9. Assisting in preparation of Witness Statement£275 plus VAT
£200 plus VAT for any additional
10. Instruction of expert (inc identifying and obtaining quotes)£250 plus VAT
11. Review of all documents and provide general advice for this stage£150 plus VAT
12. Advice on trial preparation for representing self£225 plus VAT
13. Preparing Small Claims Bundle£300 plus VAT
14. Representation at Hearing/TrialSubject to quotation
15. Instruction of barrister/advocate for Hearing/Trial£100 plus VAT
16. Representation at Hearing/Trial by barrister/advocateSubject to quotation

Full package bundle for Small Claims representation: £1,350 plus VAT of £270

To include: 1, 3, 5 or 6, 8, 9, 13 and 15. Please note, this includes one witness statement. (Subject to terms and conditions)

  • Our fees do not include Court fees or Trial representation fees. All disbursements are payable separately.
  • Any pre-action correspondence entered into with the other party (further than the pre-action protocol letter) may be subject to further fees unless the fixed fee no 3 is purchased. These can be advised on an individual basis. Correspondence will be deemed reasonable, as stated within our client care documentation.
  • The filing and serving of all documents with the Court and other party, will be the responsibility of the client, unless arranged otherwise.
  • We will not be on record as acting for the client, unless we are fully instructed to do so and the full bundle package agreed.
  • We reserve the right to revert to hourly rate basis or raised fixed fees, should we consider the claim falls outside these standard fixed fees

If you have any questions about our fees or about the process of making a claim, please contact us