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Debt recovery for business

Debt Recovery

At PM Law we understand the significant impact that payment problems can have on a business. Our experienced team offer a debt recovery service to obtain collection of money owed, of either small or bulk debts.

We offer advice and assistance with both disputed and complex debts or undisputed debts where it may be inappropriate for you to put pressure on your customer for payment.

Pre-action letter – Fixed fee £150 + VAT

Disputed and complex debts – these are handled on a case by case basis and the fee will vary depending on the circumstances and the value of the debt.

Our hourly rate is between £150 – £201 + VAT.

If your case goes to court, court fees are payable in addition to our fees. The fees are based on the amount to be claimed:        

Claims up to £300 – Court fee £35

Claims up to £500 – Court fee £50

Claims up to £1,000  – Court fee £70

Claims up to £1,500 – Court fee £80

Claims up to £3,000 – Court fee £115

Claims up to £5000 – Court fee £205

Claims up to £9,999 – Court fee £455

Claims up to £10,000 – £200,000  – Court fee 5% of the value of the claim

Claims more than £200,000 – Court fee £10,000

If your matter goes to court it can take between 9 – 18 months to complete, depending on the detail and complexity of each particular matter. We will advise you of our estimate at the outset of your case.

Debt recovery cases are handled by our dispute resolution team.

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