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Property Litigation – Responsibilities & Tips


Unfortunately, it is often necessary for landlords to take action to evict tenants in order to obtain possession of their property. It is important that landlords adhere to their obligations and follow the correct legal process, in order to effectively obtain possession of the property. Such legal action can often be complex and it is therefore important that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible, if you are considering evicting a tenant. We can offer assistance with obtaining possession of a property, rent arrears and breaches of Tenancy Agreements.

Landlord Responsibilities

The landlord is responsible for the following;

– That the property is fit for habitation
– Repairs to the structure and exterior of the property, heating and water systems and sanitary wear
– Safety of gas and electrical appliances
– Fire safety of furniture and furnishings
– Maintenance of any common areas

The landlord therefore is entitled to reasonable access in order to carry out any maintenance and
repairs to the property.

Tenant Responsibilities

The tenant is responsible for the following;

– Paying bills, such as council tax and water and sewerage charges
– Paying rent
– To keep within the terms of the tenancy agreement
– To use the property in a responsible way
– To take proper care of the property
– Right to quiet enjoyment of the property

Top Tips for Landlords

1. Ensure that the property is appropriately insured for renting

2. Ensure that the property is fit for habitation

3. Carry out reference checks on tenants before entering into agreement

4. Ensure you have a tenancy agreement that is signed by the tenant(s) and obtain a deposit

5. Protect the deposit in a relevant scheme within 30 days of receipt

6. Provide information regarding the deposit scheme to the tenant(s) and obtain confirmation from the tenant(s)that they have received the Certificate and Prescribed Information in relation to the deposit scheme

7. Carry out an inventory, with photographs, prior to the tenant(s) being provided with the keys for the property. Both the landlord and tenant(s) sign the inventory to confirm the condition of the property before the tenancy commences

8. If evicting a tenant(s) ensure that the appropriate notice is served on the tenant(s)

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