Delayed flight compensation

Delayed Flight Claims

There is nothing worse than being stuck in an airport as a result of a delayed flight.
It is a horrible way to start or finish your holiday and is extremely frustrating to miss or be late for an important appointment.
PM Law solicitors in Sheffield are experts in delayed flight compensation claims.
You could claim €250-€600 per passenger for a flight which is delayed for more than three hours.
Passengers’ rights to compensation have strengthened with a number of landmark cases and new European Union rulings.
It is now possible to claim compensation from your airline if: 
    • The flight was delayed for more than three hours

    • The flight was with a European airline, departing or landing in the EU

    • The flight was with a non-European airline departing from the EU

    • The delay was the airline’s fault

The experienced, friendly team at PM Law can take all of the hassle out of pursuing your claim.
There’s no need to spend hours on the phone trying to contact your airline or waiting for responses to emails which may never arrive.
PM Law can deal with your compensation claim on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis.
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CASE STUDY: PM Law secures £1,300 for EasyJet passengers

“Our clients flew with EasyJet from Tenerife to Manchester in 2009.

“On the return flight from Tenerife they were informed upon boarding the plane, that there was a problem with the plane and were advised that there would be a short delay, however after 30 minutes our clients were informed that there would be a further delay and that they were to disembark the plane.

“After waiting in the departure lounge, our clients were then informed to collect their luggage from the baggage hall and that they would be taken to a hotel for overnight accommodation.

“They returned to the airport at 10am the following day and were provided with a new departure time of 1.30pm. However, they eventually departed Tenerife Airport at 4pm.

“While on board the plane, our clients were further advised that the plane could not carry enough fuel to get to Manchester Airport and had to divert to Faro in Portugal to refuel.

“Our clients eventually landed in Manchester Airport nearly 22 hours later than scheduled.

“We were able to secure our clients €400 each in compensation which, at the exchange rate at the time, was £1,300.81.”