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Car Accidents In France

Car Accidents In France – Were You Injured?

If you have been involved in a car accident in France which was the other driver’s fault and which left you injured then, provided that you claim within the relevant time limit, we can bring a Personal Injury Claim for you here in Britain.

No Win No Fee Arrangement – No Success Fee Deductions From your Compensation

One of the reasons people don’t claim for a car accident in France is because they are worried about the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer. That is why we are offering a no win no fee service. We believe it’s only right that you should be able to claim compensation without worrying about solicitor’s fees. By providing a no win no fee service we believe more people can claim because the amount of financial risk is greatly reduced.

In addition if your case wins then unlike the majority of Solicitors, we will not charge you a success fee (which most Solicitors deduct from you compensation), meaning that you will keep 100% of your compensation free from any success fee deductions.

Evidence we will need

You might want to start gathering evidence to support any compensation claim you wish to make, including:

• The form known as The Contstat D’Accident Amiable which is used in France to record the accident details and you are likely to have completed at the time of the accident;
• Any medical report or records setting out how any medical professional in France treated and assessed your injury;
• Photographs of the accident scene, dashcam footage, witness contact details and third party driver and insurance details;
• Receipts of any expenses you have incurred;
• A record and evidence of any income you have lost because of your injury.

Time Limits

When making a claim under UK package holiday regulations, you’ll usually have a personal injury claims time limit of 3-years from the date of the accident to make your claim. Therefore, this might be the case if you were involved in a car accident in France while using a hire car that was provided as part of your holiday. However, if claiming under French law, there is a 10-year period from the date all injuries are stabilised. We will be able to advise you as to which time limit will apply in your case.

Assessment of Injuries

The amount of compensation you’ll receive for injuries caused by a car accident in France will vary depending on a number of factors. These include the severity of your injuries, the nature and extent of treatment, the recovery time and the effect of your injuries.

To ensure that you receive the fullest amount of compensation possible, an independent doctor will be instructed to assess you. Then, using their report in conjunction with any other medical evidence you are able to provide, we will seek to prove the exact nature and extent of your injuries and their effect so that your claim is settled for an appropriate amount.

It will be necessary for us to involve a French lawyer (remotely) to advise upon the value of your claim in circumstances where the assessment of damages is subject to French law (with all other aspects of the claim to be subject to the law of England and Wales). The cost is included within our no win no fee – no success fee deductions from damages fee structure.

Assessment of Losses and Expenses

You are able to seek to recover any financial losses you have incurred because of your accident and are able to prove, to include, for example, any travel expenses, medical costs and lost income.

Our promise

From our offices in Sheffield, Liverpool, Colchester, Maidenhead and Glasgow we provide a truly national service to injured victims of non-fault accidents for more than 20 years. Our team of personal injury specialists will continually strive to achieve the best results for you within the shortest practical timeframe.

To discuss your claim please contact us via;

You can be assured of a bespoke service that will provide you with the compensation you deserve – with no success fee deductions from your compensation.

We are here to help.


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