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About Us

PM was founded in 1990 as a High Street Legal Firm in Maidenhead in Berkshire.

During the mid 1990s the firm continued to grow. The partners identified the benefits of moving away from the “general practice” high street firm approach and specialising in certain key areas of law. Specialising gives a greater degree of knowledge and expertise whilst at the same time allowing investment in systems and processes to maximise service to our client whilst keeping our prices highly competitive.

The firm opened an office in Sheffield in 1998 to service the needs of a large insurance client. The Sheffield office grew rapidly and became the Head Office in 2004.

In 2005 PM reorganised into group structure to enable each individual company to increase its focus on its core customers.

In 2021 the group employs around 250 people and continues to grow. We continue to invest in our people and systems to help us continually improve the offering to our clients.

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