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Social media in the workplace – is your business at risk?

When social media is handled well, it can be a great way to communicate and show off your business to the world.


Handled badly, social media can compromise your reputation and could even land you in court. And one of the biggest risks is employees misusing social media as the following cases show:

Weekes v Everything Everywhere – the employee’s Facebook posts comparing his workplace to Dante’s Inferno cost him his job. He took his employer all the way to the Employment Tribunal.

Game Retail Ltd v Law – offensive Twitter posts that were visible to his employers also ended in dismissal for this employee.

In both cases, the employees’ claims for unfair dismissal were rejected as the employer had clear social media policies in place and could show that the employees had breached the terms.


Do you have a social media policy?

A robust social media policy is essential to avoid employee misuse and to successfully take action if misuse does occur.


Is your policy effective? And up to date? Things change fast in social media and it’s vital to keep reviewing and revising your policy to stay current.


Have you thought about these risk factors?

– Access and permissions

– Intellectual Property

– Harassment

– Discrimination

– Defamation



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