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COVID-19 - employers and employees

COVID-19 – advice for employers and employees

With the situation around COVID-19 changing rapidly, many employers and employees will have questions around coming to work, pay and sick pay. For example:

Who qualifies for sick pay?

Who should be working from home?

What if an employee can’t come to work?

What about workers who are classed as vulnerable?

While very organisation will have their own policies in place, it’s important to know the law on these issues so that you don’t breach the rules. Getting it wrong could lead to a claim against an employer or disciplinary action against an employee further down the line.

Make sure you use a reliable source of information, and that all parties are clear where they stand.  Both ACAS and the Government regularly update the COVID-19 guidelines on their websites and these are a good resource for employers and employees.



  • Employment and financial support
  • Business and other organisations
  • Healthcare workers and carers

If you are an employer or an employee and have an issue you would like to discuss, we’ll be happy to help. Please email More information on our employment law services here.

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