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Tenants win case against landlord

Tenants win case against landlord – and £15000 in rent

Four Leeds renters have won a full year’s rent from their landlord – £15000 in total – in a court case that is likely to generate a rash of similar claims.

Eight months after the housemates moved in, a visit from a council Housing Officer revealed that the landlord did not have a House in Multiple Occupation Licence (HMO) for the property. And that meant it was being rented out illegally.

HMO licence

A HMO licence ensures the property has:

  • the correct safety certificates
  • working fire alarms
  • and that the ‘manager’ (the owner or managing agent) is a fit and proper person.

It provides reassurance to the tenants that their home is fit for purpose.

Without an HMO licence, the landlord can be taken to court for a Rent Repayment Order. Previously, the council would have to do this on behalf of the affected tenants. However, under the 2016 Housing and Planning Act, tenants can now make the application themselves, which is exactly what the Leeds housemates did.

Their win prompted a huge response on Twitter, with others highlighting poor conditions and sharp practice they had experienced from their landlords.

Section 21 notice ban

The Government has recently moved on the subject of tenant’s rights by banning Section 21 notices and, with an ongoing housing shortage nationwide, it remains a hot topic.

We can help both landlords and tenants who find themselves in such situations and have many years of experience in this area of law. Our expert team will explain the legal process and advise on the options available and the best course of action.

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