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Cyber Essentials certificate for PM Law

Cyber Essentials certification for PM Law

PM Law makes cyber security a top priority

We’re delighted that we now have Cyber Essentials certification across all the PM Group (including PM Law and PM Property Lawyers). This certificate is evidence that all our hardware, software, systems and procedures are operating at an extremely high security level.

Criminals often target law firms, with conveyancing firms in particular regularly attacked due to the high value of property transactions. This most frequently takes the form of malicious redirection fraud. In these cases, a criminal tricks their victim into sending money directly to their bank account. In 2018, this caused losses of £123.7 million across all UK businesses and £10 million in the conveyancing sector alone.

Businesses in all sectors are vulnerable if they don’t have strong policies and procedures in place. While there was a decrease in the overall number of security breaches in 2018 (see Today’s Legal Cyber Risk April 2018), the value of losses rose by 24%.

We know that security is a key concern for our clients and they frequently ask what steps we take to keep our clients’ data safe. The Cyber Essentials certificate reassures our clients and everyone else we deal with that we have robust processes in place.

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