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Care home whistleblower wins case

Success for care home whistleblower

Tribunal finds in favour of sacked employee

While high profile whistleblowers like Edward Snowden regularly make the news, there are many cases every year that generate much less publicity. They may be less newsworthy, but they cause just as much stress and upset to the parties involved.

We recently acted for Mr. S who worked as a care assistant at a residential home for young adults with autism and other disabilities. He had become increasingly worried about the welfare of the residents, after witnessing what he believed to be physical abuse. Conditions in the home were also unsafe and he felt he had to report his concerns to the local social services team.

Unfortunately, this did not have the effect he had hoped for. He quickly found himself subject to unwarranted disciplinary action and then dismissal on grounds of gross misconduct (despite an excellent previous record).

When he contacted us he was extremely upset and frustrated at what he had been through. But we listened to him and carefully put his case together, gathering more evidence as the case progressed.

At a full hearing in the employment tribunal, Mr. S claimed automatic unfair dismissal and whistleblowing detriment.

Happily, the tribunal agreed that he had been unfairly dismissed. It found that the reason for his dismissal was that he had raised concerns about the running of the care home and had been hounded out of his job as a result. Mr. S won his case and was awarded £30,000.

Fiona Almazedi who represented Mr. S at the tribunal, comments: “Mr. S has now been able to draw a line under this distressing situation and move on with his life. We were very happy to help in what is, sadly, an all too familiar scenario.”

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