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Harrods worker sacked for eating chocolate cake loses £1million discrimination claim

A Harrods worker sacked for eating a slice of chocolate cake has lost a £1million claim for discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Juan Mackenzie took a bite of the ‘Devil’s Dog Cake’ after a customer sent it back after complaining it was too dry.

The employment tribunal was told that he tasted a slice from a fresh cake to check if it was moist enough.

However, Harrods stated that because he ate the cake, rather than just tasted it, his actions amounted to misconduct, ITV reports.

Mr Mackenzie sued the store claiming he had been discriminated against on the grounds of race, age and sex over four months.

Speaking to the tribunal Juan Mackenzie said: “I was constantly picked on, humiliated in front of colleagues, regularly treated unfairly, verbally abused, blamed for problems caused by others, always given too much to do so that I regularly failed in my work and regularly threatened with the sack and unfairly passed over for promotion.

Juan Mackenzie lost his claim for unfair dismissal at the hearing in central London last week.

A Harrods spokesman said: “Harrods is pleased that the tribunal has found in our favour, firmly rejecting Mr Mackenzie’s version of events.

“Mr MacKenzie’s dismissal was the result of two incidents of theft and one of bullying which called into question his professionalism and behaviour.

“Mr MacKenzie’s claim was based on allegations of race, sex and age discrimination against Harrods, none of which had been raised by him during his disciplinary process and appeal or at any time during his employment at Harrods.

“These unfounded discrimination claims were made for the first time at this Employment Tribunal and were decisively rejected.

“Harrods prides itself as a fair employer which provides an inclusive and supportive working environment, which includes a number of different channels through which staff may raise any concerns regarding discrimination.”

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