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Accidents at work

The Vibration White Finger Compensation Scheme

Accidents at workAre you a former miner who has been awarded damages through The Vibration White Finger Compensation Scheme?

If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds more in compensation if you failed to claim for the cost of assistance with everyday tasks which you can no longer carry out such as gardening, DIY, decorating or car maintenance. 

This scheme was set up by the Government to compensate thousands of miners suffering from vibration white finger, a condition caused by working with vibrating machinery such as chainsaws and drills.

You may be able to claim for professional negligence

You may not have received the full amount you were entitled to because you were badly advised by the law firms which represented you.

Like thousands of former miners who were given poor or inadequate advice, you could now have grounds for a professional negligence claim to recover any losses you suffered as a consequence of negligent advice from those law firms.

We are here to help you

PM Law’s experienced team of solicitors can help guide you through the process of making a professional negligence claim and make sure you receive the compensation that you should have received in the first place.

You or a family member could be suffering from vibration white finger and still be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation but there is a strict time limit for pursuing these claims.

Contact PM Law’s expert team of professional negligence solicitors by emailing or call 0114 2201795 for more information.          

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