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Claim for holiday and delayed flight compensation with PM Law

No one wants to have any delays or disruptions to their holiday, but if you do PM Law solicitors in Sheffield can assist with compensation claims.

Passengers’ rights to compensation have strengthened in recent years with a number  of landmark cases.

If your delay is longer than three hours, you might be able to claim compensation.

EU Regulation has established some common rules on compensation for passengers  in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellations or long delays.

Most airlines will set out their own terms and conditions but a recent case involving  ruled an airline couldn’t use technical faults within an aircraft as “extraordinary circumstances”.

The case, which involved refusing to offer compensation to Ronald Huzar after his flight was delayed by 27 hours, has cemented passengers’s rights to claim following a delay of more than three hours. failed to have the case overturned in the Court of Appeal and the landmark ruling means that airlines can no longer withold compensation for flight delays on the basis of ‘technical difficulties’, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

As well as flight delays and cancellations, there are a range of other instances where holidaymakers can claim for thousands of pounds in compensation.

When you book a holiday, you enter into a contract with a holiday company, airline or hotel.

An organisation may have breached your contract if they gave you misleading information about your holiday, or didn’t meet the terms of the contract properly – for example your accommodation was not the standard you expected and your hotel pool was unusable.

Laura Thorpe, civil litigation specialist at PM Law, said: “There’s nothing worse than having a holiday ruined after being misled or losing out through delays and cancellations.

“When you pay for a holiday you have every right to receive exactly what you have paid for and if this falls short of your expectations, you may be able to claim compensation.

“The dedicated team at PM Law solicitors in Sheffield can give advice on the process and assist fully with compensation claims.”

If you have a holiday compensation claim, call PM Law solicitors on 0114 296 5444 or fill out the form by clicking here and we can call you back.

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