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Most conveyancers satisfied with current search provider

Ninety eight per cent of property solicitors are either fairly satisfied or very satisfied with the service they receive from their search provider, a survey has revealed.

The research, which was conducted by Mindset, included responses from across 100 conveyancing firms within the UK and was designed to reveal how happy property solicitors are with service from search providers such as TM Group, STL, and PSG.

In light of the Land Registry proposing to be granted wider powers and to become the sole registrant of the local land charges, there have been mixed opinions on whether this would be a step forward for the search industry or not.

After the ‘Save the Land Registry’ campaign was recently launched by a number of conveyancing professionals, there has been a groundswell of opinion that there is no need for change in the search industry.

After 98 per cent of conveyancers expressed contentment with their search provider, a majority of 67 per cent indicated that they were ‘very satisfied’; and a further 31 per cent said that they were ‘fairly satisfied’.

The remaining two per cent were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

“It’s credit to the search industry that there is such a high level of satisfaction which is no doubt a result of all the hard work that has gone into streamlining and delivering efficiencies to the property sector,” TM Group’s Ben Harris told Legal Futures.

“Obviously some individual search companies came out with higher satisfaction scores than others, but overall it shows that the services that already exist meet the needs of the professionals that operate in this sphere.”

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