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£3million paid out in personal injury claims made by schoolchildren

More than £3million has been paid out to schoolchildren in the three biggest cities following personal injury claims.

The figures, obtained by the Employment Law Advisory Service, were from primary and secondary schools in London Birmingham and Manchester.

Of 1,980 claims lodged by parents in three cities since September 2008, 444 have been successful.

A pupil was awarded £55,644 compensation after being struck by a child on a slide, while another received £8,085 after he was hit by falling goalposts.

Among other cases in a study of youngsters injured in school was a pupil who received more than £3,200 after severing a finger­­tip in a door.

A spokesman from the Employment Law Advisory Service said: “Not enough is being done to protect children from what are, in the main, preventable accidents.”

Across London’s 33 boroughs more than £1.6million was paid out by councils. In Manchester the figure was more than £1.5million across 10 boroughs, while Birmingham City Council paid out up £190,000.

Health and safety consultant Wayne Dunning told the Express: “The statistics from these three cities are only the tip of the iceberg and the total number of accidents no doubt runs into many thousands more.”

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