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Employment tribunal

Employment Tribunal hears city broker suffered “racist abuse”

A city broker is suing his bosses for race discrimination, constructive dismissal, victimisation and breach of contract.

Ozman Mirza, a British Broker of Pakistani origin, told Central London Employment Tribunal how he was subject to racist remarks while employed by Tradition Securities.

Mr Mirza feared he would lose his £70,000 a year job if he spoke out against the company, the hearing was told.

In a witness statement, Mr Mirza said: “Racist remarks were often shouted across the floor, on some occasions the remarks were directed at me and on other occasions the remarks were shouted randomly from other brokers whose identities I was unable to ascertain.

“I just tried to ignore them and tried to get on with my work.”

Mr Mirza, of Ilford, is suing Tradition Securities and Futures SA, Tradition UK ltd and the head of the Forwards desk Lee Davis for race discrimination, constructive dismissal, victimisation and breach of contract.

Tradition Securities and Futures SA is also being sued for constructive dismissal.

In August 2012, Mr Mirza made a formal complaint but said the allegations were investigated by one of the men who had shouted racist remarks across the floor.

Mr Mirza was signed off with stress and resigned in March this year.

The companies and Mr Davis deny the allegations.

Giving evidence Mr Davis denied racist comments were openly made on the floor.

Mr Davis said in a statement: “I am extremely surprised and shocked that the claimant’s Tribunal claims contains serious allegations of racial abuse against me personally and other members of the FX Forwards desk.

“I wish to make it absolutely clear that I have never used any form of racist language towards the claimant or any of my colleagues. Nor have I ever heard or witnessed any members of my desk behaving in this manner. Had I done so, I would have reported it.”

The tribunal continues.

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