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Road traffic accident

Crash for cash fraudster put lives at risk

A crash for cash fraudster has been convicted of fraud and dangerous driving after deliberately pulling out in front of a bus.

Samson Adeferati put lives at risk during the incident which happened on Rotherhithe New Road, London in July 2011.

He pulled out of a side road before slamming on the brakes in front of an Abellio bus.

Adeferati made a personal injury claim against Abellio but investigators at clams management company Gallagher Bassett became suspicious after reviewing CCTV footage.

Richard Codd, business development manager at Gallagher Bassett, told Post magazine: “The CCTV footage confirmed the bus driver’s version of events and it was evident that further investigation was needed to prove a fraudulent claim was being made.

“We obtained statements from the bus driver and the bus passengers and used counter fraud enquiries before passing our file across to the Metropolitan Police working on Operation Catcher, an initiative to “identify an offence when it happens, prosecute the offenders and, as a result, reduce the incident of this type of crime.”

Claims were also made by the owner of the vehicle and a passenger travelling on the bus at the time of the crash.

The total cost of the claim would have been between £35,000 and £40,000 according to liability loss adjustor Andrew Anderson of Stream Claims Services who worked alongside Gallagher Bassett and Abellio

Mr Anderson said: “Abellio, the Gallagher Basset team at Tamworth and myself have forged a very close working relationship over the past three years and every claim I am involved with involves a team effort. We are currently working on other claims for the same client, where fraudulent conduct has been identified.”

Aderferati is due to appear before magistrates on October 7.

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