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Campaign to raise the limit for fatal accident compensation

Solicitors are campaigning to raise the limit for fatal accident compensation to make it fairer across the UK.

MPs are being asked to support action by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) after research revealed fatal accident damages are a postcode lottery.

For example, accident compensation payments in Scotland can run to tens of thousands of pounds but the limit in England and Wales is still £12,980.

Compensation paid in respect of people who have died under the age of 18 with no dependents is even lower, covering the cost of a funeral and headstone.

Coles Miller Solicitors are one firm who are joining the fight for a “fairer system”.

Partner Adrian Cormack said: “The current system is outrageous.

“The hardest conversation I have with any of my clients is with the parents of a child who has died. The law at present provides them with virtually no compensation.

“It is not fair, it is not right. The government must change the rules and increase the limit to a more realistic level.

 “Somebody who has suffered a broken arm could obtain more in damages than somebody who has been killed.

“When someone has died, whatever the payment is, it will never be enough but the present figure is insulting. It is derisory.”

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