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Employment Tribunal awards worker £20,000 for sexual discrimination

A restaurant worker who suffered a humiliating sexual assault and was subjected to degrading comments has been awarded £20,000 at an Employment Tribunal.

Bryan West, 66, a director of the firm which launched a lesbian, gay and bi-sexual themed venue in Belfast City Centre harassed a gay male worker on the grounds of his sexual orientation.

The tribunal heard claims that Mr West called the worker a “stupid poof” and groped him in the groin area after a night of heavy drinking.

The worker told the tribunal panel how Mr West grabbed his groin as he served him and guests in the restaurant.

Mr West and the company Rainbow Garland Ltd were not represented at the hearing,

The gay male claimant was identified only as XY by the tribunal panel which awarded him £20,000 compensation for harassment suffered.

Rainbow Garland Ltd was ordered to pay him £15,000 and £5,000 is to be paid personally by Bryan West, a director of the firm.

The tribunal panel said: “It was clear during the hearing that the claimant remained extremely and visibly upset, embarrassed and humiliated by the treatment which he had suffered, often in front of colleagues and customers of the restaurant.

“The claimant felt very degraded to have been continually denigrated as ‘stupid’

“The tribunal was particularly shocked and appalled that the claimant had been subjected to a sexual assault in the workplace.”

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