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Council pays £100,000 in personal injury claims to schoolchildren

More than £100,000 has been paid out to schoolchildren in Worcestershire for personal injury claims in the past year.

According to figures released this week, Worcestershire County Council has paid a total of £113,150 in compensation to primary and secondary school youngsters across the county.

The figures were obtained following a Freedom of Information request by the Worcester News newspaper.

The payouts all relate to incidents which occurred between 2006 and 2010 with a reported further 10 claims have been made in the last financial year which have yet to be settled.

The maximum payout made for personal injury claims to a schoolchild by Worcestershire County Council was for £52,000 though the exact nature of that claim is unknown.

The payouts were made to seven different pupils, meaning that each claimant saw an average payout in excess of £10,000.

Worcestershire County Council is not the only authority in England to make considerable payouts for personal injuries relating to schoolchildren.

Earlier this year Essex County Council revealed that over the past five years it has paid out £220,000 in compensation to children injured at school, whilst almost £58,00 was paid in compensation to schoolchildren by Staffordshire County Council in 2011.

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