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Medical negligence claims

NHS medical negligence bill doubles after hospital scandals

Medical negligence claims against the NHS have risen by by more than 20 per cent over the past year.

Nearly £23 billion has been set aside to pay compensation to those who have received inadequate care in NHS hospitals and care homes.

The new figures from the NHS Litigation Authority show that the money set aside for liabilities represents a rise of 22 per cent in just one year, double the amount from five years ago.

Many compensation cases relate to a series of recent scandals where hospitals have found to have poor care levels and high death rates.

More than £1.2 million has been paid out to 120 victims of poor care at Mid Staffordshire Foundation trust, in the largest ever group claim against the NHS.

Fourteen hospitals with the worst recent death rates in the country have paid out a total of £234 million to patients in the past three years.

Tameside and East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust have each paid out £30 million to victims since 2009.

Dr Christine Tomkins, chief executive of the Medical Defence Union (MDU), which represents doctors, said: “The jaw-dropping size of the NHS’s liabilities is largely a result of the high cost of compensation for things like long-term future care and loss of earnings, such that English damages awards in personal injury cases are now among the highest in the world.”

The MDU is calling for loss of earnings and future care costs to be capped.

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