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Chairman of medical research company wins £3.4m payout at employment tribunal

A medical research director who was sacked five years ago after attempting to publicise the success of a new cancer drug has been awarded £3.4 million for unfair dismissal.

David Best, 63, was chairman and managing director of Medical Marketing International (MMI) which developed a vaccine against prostate cancer.

But Mr Best claimed the company withheld the breakthrough in a bid to artificially depress the company’s share price.

He said when he attempted go public with the discovery and expose the conspiracy he was sacked in 2008 for gross misconduct.

Mr Best refused to agree a settlement with the firm which was founded in 1988 by his wife Margaret.

He continued to fight with the company until it was forced into liquidation in 2010.

When he refused a payment of £31,000 from the liquidators he was cut out of his share of the company, which he claims ran to hundreds of millions.

He then launched a claim for unfair dismissal and an employment tribunal found in his favour.

Panel judge Michael Ord said: “The sole reason for the claimant’s dismissal was his actions in seeking to expose what he, in good faith, believed to be fraud and unlawful activities by his fellow directors and others.

“The response of the company throughout was to ignore or deny any problem, ignore the claimant’s complaints and instead seek to find a reason to remove the claimant from the company.

“His dismissal, wrongly as being on the grounds of gross misconduct, has caused substantial reputational damage in the pharmaceutical and biomedical world.”

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