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UK homeowners not taking up Green Deal scheme

A government incentive to help people reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions is not working, the Committee on Climate change has said.

The Green Deal scheme allows people to better insulate their homes with no up-front costs and pay back costs through their energy bills.

But take up of the scheme has been low and only 48 per cent of people surveyed said they would install energy saving measures.

Critics say if under half of people surveyed are going ahead with the full scheme, something is badly wrong.

Committee chief executive David Kennedy said: “We haven’t got the full figures yet for uptake of the Green Deal, but this does potentially look very worrying.”

Harvey Harding, head of property services at PM Law, said: “The take up on the Green Deal does seem to be lower than expected.

“But there are still a range of benefits which people may not be aware of.

“For further details on how to make the most of the scheme, call the PM Law property team on 0114 296 5444.”

The committee added how carbon emissions rose in 2012 by 3.5 per cent.

Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s shadow energy and climate change secretary, commenting on the fact the UK is not on track to meet its carbon reduction targets in the 2020s, said:

“This warning should be a wake-up call for the Government. David Cameron promised to lead the ‘greenest government ever’ but on his watch investment in clean energy has hit a seven year low, fewer people are making their homes more energy efficient and now carbon emissions are rising.

“To get back on track to cut the country’s carbon emissions – and give a shot in the arm to Britain’s flatlining economy – David Cameron should set a decarbonisation target to clean up our power supply by 2030.”

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