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Toddler was ‘strangled’ by Goodness Gang cuddly toy

A retail chain has apologised and taken a cuddly toy off its shelves after a four-year-old girl was almost strangled.

Emma Charles, of Colchester, turned a ‘blue-purple colour’ after getting the tie of the ‘Charlotte and Chole Cherry’ caught around her neck.

The East of England Co-operative Society ordered an immediate recall of the product which is part of the Co-op’s Goodness Gang range.

The cherry toy has been removed from 149 outlets while an investigation takes place.

Emma’s mum Joanne Goldsmith told the BBC her daughter ended up with the green stalk of the two-part toy wrapped three times around her neck.

“She was a few seconds from something really bad happening,” Joanne said.

“She was very, very distressed. She was trying to cry and trying to pull herself free.

“I undid them and she gasped for air and we hugged it out.”

A spokesman from The East of England Co-operative Society said: “We’re very sorry for the distress caused.”

The East of England Co-operative Society has more than 200 trading outlets in more than 70 towns and villages including Norwich, Ipswich and Colchester.

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