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More than £160,000 paid in damages by road contractor

The contractor responsible for maintaining Birmingham’s network of roads and footpaths has paid out more than £160,000 in damages claims over the past three years.

Figures obtained by The Birmingham Post newspaper show Amey is also working through more than 750 outstanding claims.

The largest pay-out over the last three years was more than £34,000 following a personal injury claim relating to a council-owned footpath.

Birmingham’s highways and footpath maintenance was contracted to Amey for 25 years under a £2.7 billion PFI deal signed in 2010.

Following the agreement, the company became responsible for investigating, defending and paying compensation to pedestrians and road-users.

The FOI figures obtained revealed that 21 settlements were made in 2010/11 for injury caused on the city’s roadways, totalling just £4,930.

In the same period, £137,275 was paid to cover 141 injury claims arising from incidents on footways.

Property damage claims saw £15,569 paid out in 20 claims.

In 2011/12, just £1,180 was paid to cover 28 claims for personal injury on Birmingham’s footpaths.

So far in 2012/13, there have been 12 claims for injury and a single demand for property damages, but nothing has yet been paid out.

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