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Companies must get to grips with new employment laws

Employers and HR professionals must fully understand employment law changes and prepare for further adjustments, delegates at a recent seminar have been told.

Issues surrounding the latest restructuring of UK employment laws were spelled out at the latest BHSF Breakfast seminar held in Solihull.

A numbers of changes have been introduced by the Government this year which affect a range of areas including; employment tribunal rules, unfair dismissal awards, statutory sick pay and rights to unpaid parental leave.

Over the past 12 months Birmingham-based BHSF, a healthcare insurance and employee benefits provider, has been hosting a series of employment law and occupational health workshops throughout the UK discussing changing employment topics.

Jim Winter, head of field sales at BHSF, hosted the event. He said: “There has been a rapid fire of employment law changes in the last few months and it doesn’t stop here.

“There are a number of others coming on stream during the summer and then in October the Government has highlighted other fundamental adjustments.

“It is important that those who have to deal with them in everyday work, understand them and know the different options they have in putting them into operation.

“The BHSF seminars address those issues and the people who attended in Solihull acknowledged the help they received in getting to know the details of the new laws.”

At the event employment law specialist Mike Hibbs, a partner at Shakepeare Solicitors, covered some of the latest changes in employment law including TUPE, redundancy and settlement agreements as well employee ownership contracts.

Abi Chantry-Price and Andrew Damsell from BHSF Occupational Health Ltd, gave a brief overview of the role occupational health has to play in the workplace.

Marina Roberts, employee benefits consultant at BHSF, discussed online solutions as a tool for managing flexible benefits, employee discounts and salary sacrifice schemes.

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