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Holidaymakers fall foul of foreign driving laws

Nearly half of British holidaymakers who drive when abroad fail to research the laws of the road in the country they will be travelling in.

A survey, carried out by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) was conducted to find out how much people know about foreign driving regulations.

Over 40 per cent of Brits admitted to not checking the Highway Code for the country they were visiting.

The survey also showed holidaymakers were prone to speeding in foreign countries.

Of those who admitted they had been penalised for a motoring offence abroad, 65 per cent had been caught speeding.

Other common offences included parking violations and incorrect documents.

When asked if it is a legal requirement to carry two breathalysers in France 45 per cent said no, despite it being widely publicised as law.

A further 55 per cent also responded incorrectly when asked if you are required to carry an extra pair of glasses when driving in Spain which is a legal requirement in the country.

To help British holidaymakers be better prepared for driving abroad, the FCO have developed a Road Safety Tool to advise on the key things to prepare for when driving your own or a hired vehicle overseas.

Lynda St Cooke, from the FCO’s Know before You Go campaign, said:

“Each year consular staff around the world assists thousands of British nationals who have got into trouble on foreign roads. Some have fallen foul of road laws; others have been involved in road traffic incidents. We will do everything we can to help.”

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